Cyprian Essair

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Some are born lucky. Others, such as Cyprian, are lucky to be born.

He was, and is, no one special. Born to House Kenleigh, a wealthy, but excruciatingly drama-ridden house, of very high standing, he is, he believes, the bastard son of the head of house, by a woman whom was a voluntary slave to pay off her house's debts. Supposedly, when she earned enough, she left, and was never seen again, nor did she claim her son. The truth is a bit different, but it's not as if Aemilius was going to tell him, and, presumably, the truth died with him. However, his mother was a woman by the name of Ksenia Warwicke, whom had married Aemilius first, before eventually divorcing him, and marrying into House Essair, to later give birth to Kassandros Essair. Fortunately, at least ostensibly, Cyprian was claimed by his father, and he became Cyprian Kenleigh.

The fortune of this outcome is debatable, because Aemilius was never kind to Cyprian. For the first several years of his life, Aemilius ignored he existed at all, and often snapped at the slaves that thought to bother with the toddler. Then, later, Aemilius got the bright idea to loan his eldest son, at the time around five, to a friend named Salonus, in return for enough hessions to pay back the House's financial deficits. Apparently, Salonus quite liked Cyprian, because the House eventually pulled itself out of debt, but Aemilius never quite stopped sending Cyprian over. The hume monstrosity eventually married, sort of, a slave woman from Macenia, named Thetis, though Aemilius renamed her Septima, and she was the first, and essentially the only, person that was ever truly kind to Cyprian, by then about eight or nine. A year or two later, and Aemilius' second son, Nero, was born, though Cyprian's always had his reservations about who his father actually was. Thetis seemed to be hiding something; Cyprian never called it into question.

Nero became the star of Kenleigh. The brightest one in House Kenleigh's sky, and Aemilius often compared the child to Cyprian, claiming Nero was learning quicker, did things better, caught onto new concepts faster. Go figure, when you fucking teach a child instead of expecting it to just know, it learns. Amazing. Cyprian didn't bother arguing, early on, just rolled his eyes and went on about his life. He was glad, at least, that Aemilius didn't ship Nero off to Salonus, too, but he'd never admit it.

Finally, Cyprian became too old for Salonus to be interested in him anymore, about when he turned thirteen, about a year after Thetis gave birth to twins, Dimitrios and Andreas. Aemilius wasn't displeased about them, but really wasn't pleased, either, often complaining about them screaming and crying as infants. Yes, babies do that, what a thought. Cyprian eventually found a room Thetis could keep the twins in, where their cries wouldn't be heard on Aemilius' end of the estate. And it never quite stopped, after that, Cyprian spent the rest of his life with the great behemoth finding ways of redirecting his ire off the twins, and either onto himself, or somewhere else. Even now, Cyprian's not sure why. He's asked himself why many times over the years, and the twins eventually started asking, too.

Cyprian spent a short stint, about two years, in military service, and when he came back, he just shoved himself in his room, and didn't come back out for a week. The House remained mercantile class, as he didn't gain enough reputation while serving to push them into warlord class. Another failure, in Aemilius' eyes, but as always, Cyprian paid it no mind. By then, he had voices in his head, and they had names, different personalities, different likes and dislikes, and one of them taking over would even cause such things as their tastes to change. He tried not to think about it too much, still does. Nero, later, got into the military, too, and Aemilius acted like he was the first Kenleigh to ever do it. Funny enough, Nero didn't manage to push them into warlord class, either, but the comparisons and put-downs just got worse.

Aemilius gifted Nero a side villa the family owned, for getting into the military, which Nero promptly gave to his mother. Thetis and the twins then moved out of the main house, and there were no more buffers. Aemilius got exponentially worse, and, at some point in between there, Cyprian started losing any semblance of control he'd ever had over his emotions. It was like he'd forgotten how to curb them, like he'd never learned to in the first place, and he and Aemilius were often at each other's throats, proverbially or otherwise. Cyprian's mostly attempted to block out all the many different forms of abuse his father put him through, because frankly, he doesn't want to remember, anyway, but even when he forgets, something in his head remembers.

Cyprian started taking over the house's political management, dealing in diplomatic endeavours with the house's varying business partners. He forged rather the strong bond with two different pirates, and then managed to get an underground criminal overlord on his side, ironically, the head of the house of the very one that later replaced House Kenleigh as a major power. Alongside this, he discovered a love of art and metalworking, and eventually got the idea to try blowing air bubbles into glass, to make it easier to shape and work with. Then, he got the bright idea to hammer gold bars down into very thin sheets, to add gold detailing to art pieces without the huge cost normally involved in doing so. His glass blowing and gold foiling inventions became rather the talk of the nation. Cyprian is now known as the inventor of glass blowing and gold foiling, and many high-ranking Dalmascans know his name, at the very least. He's still the only one that can do glass blowing, as he never got the chance to teach someone else.

Despite all this, however, Aemilius went around behind him, and burned enough bridges, that when Nero fell in battle at the border of Macenia, House Kenleigh got into rather the huge amount of trouble with the law. Cyprian doesn't remember the particulars of it, but, his father was killed, Thetis was executed, and the rest of the house were scattered and sold at market.

He was one of the first ones separated from the rest, and, he's now in House Cassimer, Lucius' branch, not sure why, but he's not complaining. Lucius leaves him alone. He's not sure where his brothers are, though, and he's worried about them. Neither are quite ready for the real world, just yet, he doesn't think, but it's not like Cyprian can fix it. He'll just have to hope they're good at learning on the fly. They usually are, at least.


  • Aemilius was his father, now deceased, thank the gods.
  • Ksenia Essair (nee Warwicke) is his mother.
  • This makes Kassandros, Icarus, and Cygnus his younger half-brothers.
  • Andreas and Dimitrios are also his younger half-brothers.
  • He kind of adopted Thetis as his mother-critter.

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  • Cyprian is one of a very small handful of empaths on Messiah. He is, however, an excruciatingly untrained one, but his empathy is pretty strong, so, he is easy to overwhelm, and will often do emotional influencing/transfer on accident. It is entirely possible to end up in a mutual emotional circle-jerk with him by chance.
  • He is also the inventor of glass-blowing and gold foiling techniques. He has not had time to teach anyone how to do either, so he remains the only one in Azaleon that can do them. He will eventually teach someone, probably his brothers.
  • He has a huge, wide range of mental disorders. Azaleon is wildly, in general, ignorant of mental illnesses, so these are unrecognised and untreated. He has: dissociative identity disorder; borderline personality disorder; schizoid personality disorder; post-traumatic stress disorder; bipolar. He will often be a fucking wreck, part of the package. Schizoid also causes him to occasionally go non-verbal, meaning words just really don't want to work with him, and miscommunication, or inability to say what he means to entirely, will occur.
  • As a consequence of dissociative identity disorder, he is a multiple system. What this means is there are multiple, distinct individuals cohabiting the same body. Besides him, there are: Belena; Galerus; Marcus; Verres; and Magnus. Yes, they will not always be aware of occurrences when another alter is active. No, I actually fucking play this right, it is not just an excuse to get away with having a douchebag character, and each individual alter is responsible for the actions and words of every other individual alter, and they do make a concerted effort to abide by some kind of moral guidance. Unfortunately, they are not always right, and mess up once in a while. It is a legitimate part of his characterisation.
  • As mentioned, each alter in Cyprian's system is distinct. There may be some minor personality overlaps, traits that they all seem to have in common, but they are unique individuals, and each has traits that the others don't. Similarly, the relationship one has with, say, Verres, will not be the same as the relationship with Magnus, for instance. Treat "Cyprian" as multiple characters under one umbrella, basically. Yes, I recognise this will be confusing in-character to other characters, that's fine, it's also fine if they don't get it ICly, but if you're talking about Belena, don't call her Cyprian, you will literally just tick me off.