Dimitrios Essair

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The son of a slave woman, though until recently, Dimitrios was unaware of this, and a mercantile noble of House Kenleigh. He has three brothers, eldest half-brother Cyprian, the son of their father by another woman, older brother Nero, believed to be their father's by their mother, but in truth, Nero was also a half-brother, and Dimitrios has an identical twin-brother, Andreas. Their father had already decided he favored Nero, and for the most part, Dimtrios and Andreas were left to their mother's care. Cyprian, whenever their father, temperamental and rather abusive, turned his ire on either of the twins, tended to purposely interrupt and redirect it onto himself.

It is debatable, whether Cyprian was truly kind to the twins; he avoided Nero, for the most part, and his interactions with the twins were short and to the point. Occasionally, perhaps a bit gruff, and he snapped at them multiple times. In hindsight, Dimitrios is beginning to understand, that Cyprian was being as kind as he could be, for someone that did not know what kindness even was. As a young boy, it was always Nero that Dimitrios looked up to; he is embarrassed to admit now, that, while Nero was not a terrible person, Nero also wasn't home, and didn't understand, nor attempt to really curb or help with, the abuse and terror they lived in every day. Cyprian, on the other hand, helped as much as he could, where he could.

Dimitrios thinks, he might want to be more like Cyprian, and not run away when things get hard.

Nero gave them a side villa, that their father had gifted him. The twins, and their mother Thetis, a Macenian woman, moved into the side villa away from their father. Things became more peaceful. Their mother later purchased two blood fighters, Valerius and Lycaon, and a young girl by the name of Medea, to help around the house, teach the twins swordsmanship, and help with house security. These days were, as it happened, the best ones in Dimitrios' memories. But all things end, someday.

It was, likely, a matter of time. Nero, having joined the military and seemingly made a point to never come home, eventually died in battle. His father, Aemilius, had accumulated rather the number of enemies. It was, as it turned out, Nero that was keeping them safe, and when Nero was gone, well... all things end, someday. House Kenleigh fell rather spectacularly; the side villa was raided and torched, the main house the same. The twins were separated, both sold somewhere different, Cyprian too, the slaves sent back to market. Fortunately, Aemilius died that night, but unfortunately, Dimitrios is fairly certain his father took his mother down, with him. He's both very upset, and somewhat glad.

She didn't end up where he did.

Dimitrios is now in a brothel. He doesn't terribly mind, but also does. He's trying not to think about it all, too hard, minds his business for the most part. But he wants his brother back, and funny enough, he means both Andreas and Cyprian.


Thetis is his mother.
Cyprian is his elder half-brother.
Andreas is his twin brother.

Aemilius was his father (now deceased).
Nero was his full-blood elder brother (now deceased).

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He's an empath. Largely untrained, can get into overload empathy circlejerks with people on accident, and can actually tell people apart on how they feel alone. He'll be a pretty powerful empath when he's trained, just based on his ability to internally separate how people parse feelings and identify them in that way.

Speaks Dalmascan and Macenian. Beyond that, a small amount, mostly number related, of Jihonese is in there somewhere.