Inetkaes Lucain

Inetkaes Lucain 3098 Summers Female Were Tiger Shark Royalty House Lucain Dark Brown Hair Gold Eyes 5'9'' Water Affinity Free Cities Freida Pinto Created Apr 05, 2019 7:49 pm Last Posted Jun 11, 2019 1:30 am Played by Lenara


Today, most know her as 'Lady' or 'Princess' Inetkaes. It has not always been so. No, the woman was once just a girl, and when she was just a girl, Saqqara was not even a twinkle in the eye of those who would come to rule it.

The girl who would once become known as Princess Inetkaes was born in a time before weres existed, a time when the world knew only of Ilim and Humes. A time long, long before magic ever came to humes, and before many modern concepts that rule Azaleon were particularly common.

Inetkaes was born with a number of siblings to a family that occupied the area around what would one day be called Saqqara within that area there were five tribes that lived. For a time long before Inetkaes was born, there was a peace between the tribes, born in part of the fact that they did not come into contact with one another very often. But time would change that, and the tribes would slowly come into conflict more and more often until they eventually came into a full blown war.

This was the landscape that she was born into - war. It is a hume condition, one might say, looking through Hume history, and Inetkaes wouldn't argue with that assessment. By the time she was born, the war had gone on for a long, long time, and it was taking a toll on the lands that all five tribes lived in, and upon those who had little stake in the conflict.

Ultimately her brother Sahura would decide enough was enough, and Inetkaes would quietly back him, in her way. She supported his efforts, and assisted in any way she could when the need arose - but in the end, Sahura was the leader, he was the one who the armies rallied under. And in the end, Sahura was the one who ultimately unified all five of the tribes.

And then there was peace. She would remain close as he founded his own House - House Lucain, and she would take his name in deference to him. And when Saqqara was in its earliest stages of building, she helped all she could.

Amid these things, Inetkaes became a were, one of the earliest after Sahura created the race. Her second form is of a shark, and yes, that is indeed inconvenient at times. But it's been a long, long time, and she's learned to how to accommodate herself in most circumstances. She's also a rather accomplished magi by now, with a water affinity.

These days Inetkaes is roaming Dalmasca seeking her nephews - Sahura's sons. She's not having much luck, but it hasn't stopped her yet.

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