Astraea Teresi

Astraea Teresi 28 Summers Female Hume Merchant House Teresi Black Hair Brown Eyes 5'3'' Dalmasca Zhang Ziyi Created Apr 05, 2019 7:47 pm Last Posted Jun 30, 2019 10:17 pm Played by Lenara


Astraea was born the eldest child of house Teresi. In more recent years, her house has been in a slightly precarious position beneath house Cassimer. In her father's time, and Marcus' father's time, things had been much smoother, and less uncertain. But after Marcus took control of the House things got a little rockier. Her house is still standing, by virtue of being very careful with what they do and keeping allies happy with the quality of the metal work the House produces and sells.

Astraea was only twenty when her father's health began to deteriorate. As the eldest child, the house passed to her when he was no longer able to keep up with all the duties required to keep the house running smoothly. He remains as an advisor to her, when she is at the end of her rope - but Astraea handles the day to day things entirely on her own, and has since then.

It took her some time to earn the respect of their trading partners, but she has done so - proving to be extremely knowledgeable and that her work ethic is extremely high. She did marry shortly after taking over the house, at her advisor's insistence. She did not, however, relinquish any power to him - he was not skilled enough to handle the delicate balance of power that their trading partners required.

He didn't have the marketing skill, nor any real knowledge of metal work, which is what Teresi has always been built upon. Astraea has not had time to teach him, and sometimes he insists on trying to take on something without her consent. He has yet to manage to do any harm - some of her partners refuse to speak with him, others tolerate him until she appears. Some of them refuse to talk to her if he is not present, those are perhaps the biggest headache. Not that she can afford to be picky unless she believes an order is intended to break the law. Her crafters, at least, know to stick to what she last told them regardless. So that, at least, never runs into trouble.

Astraea has several siblings and by now has a young child or two. Her siblings help her with certain aspects of running the house and metal working locations. They're surviving, and that's the best she can say. But Astraea worries that eventually something is going to shift and make life much harder.

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Astraea Teresi

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Astraea Teresi

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