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Some may consider Suyis to have an interesting background, but, he hardly shares it with others, mostly because they tend to begin looking down on him for his origins, at least in Dalmasca. Suyis was born the son of a pair of freedmen, both having served in House Asheron much of their time as slaves, and eventually freed by them and later employed by the House. Most of those that have dealings with House Asheron eventually become, and remain, very loyal to the House, for a variety of reasons, to be honest, and Suyis' parents were no different. Eventually, Suyis himself followed suit, and many have jokingly referred to him as the Asheron attack dog. Too right they are, but Suyis isn't one to point it out.

In any case, he was never a terribly well-behaved child, and became an even less well-behaved teenager. Suyis has seen some things, and gotten into rather the bit of trouble throughout his life, but he does not consider these experiences to be inherently bad, as they made him who and what he is now. At some point, interaction with a blacksmith down the way, taught him he had a penchant for thinking outside the box; and that was a thing he always held against most Dalmascans, their apparent inability to think, let alone outside the box, but that is perhaps a rant for another day. In any case, he created the first auratech combustion engine through watching his blacksmith friend work, and eventually designed and built the first airship. It is still operational today, sailing the skies as the dreadnought Har'zaref, captained by none other than Suyis.

At some point after perfecting the initial alpha designs, and then the betas, several different locales and individual investors came to him asking to buy the designs. He decided, eventually, after deliberation (it didn't take much, being frank), to sell the designs to House Assad of Haradi. He did leave out the blueprints for various important pieces of airship design, but he's sure king Sidonai was very aware of the fact he was leaving them out, and chose not to call him on it. Thus, Suyis continues to make a large amount of money, through manufacture and maintenance of Azaleon's airships, and he owns the first, and only real, airship company in Azaleon, based near Cierien Bay.

The leader of a merry band of sky pirates, now, Suyis travels around Azaleon, often transporting goods for merchants, and he controls a large majority of the black market, too. To say the least of it, Suyis is doing rather well for himself, but make no mistake. He, like his parents, still remains loyal to House Asheron, and when push comes to shove, he's on their side.

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