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Years ago, the desert surrounding the Free City of Saqqara was just that, merely desert. Several tribes in the area fought over land and resource, often catching innocent farmers that happened to be nearby in their scuffles. Sati's father, Sati himself at the time a small boy, decided to conquer these tribes, five of them there were, and unite them under a single banner. While it was hard, Sahura managed it, and the Free City of Saqqara was born. It was small at first, but, like Sati and his younger brother Surya, it grew, over time.

Sahura never believed in shielding his kids from the realities of life, and Sati and Surya were allowed to run mostly free. Sati vaguely remembers the city being built, slowly growing into the metropolis it is now, but Sati always had some other thing he was into. He wasn't a very well-behaved child (and being honest, he isn't terribly behaved even now), always going wherever it was he wanted, and getting into who knew what. Like many weres, Sati himself a were-hawk, he spontaneously developed magical ability, long before the humes did, played with it with essentially all caution to the wind. Yes, he was always free spirited.

One day, though, he ran into slavers. Nowadays, he doesn't remember much of that incident, only that it brought him to Dalmasca, and he's been there ever since. Surya, like some kind of Lucain or something, got caught right after Sati. The two have been from House to House over the years, hundreds by now, Sati's frankly lost track, sometimes moving together, sometimes not. Surya has a couple children he's unaware of, and Sati's sure he has plenty of his own he's also unaware of. That's just sort of how being a slave works.

Oddly, though, he keeps catching a scent he vaguely recognises. He can't quite put a name to it, but it smells like home. Of course, Sati would be surprised if their father wasn't looking for them, but to still be looking so long after they disappeared... well, he supposed if anyone would know if they're alive or not, it'd be Sahura. Sati doesn't much mind, himself, where he is, but going home would be good for Surya. He's too sensitive for all this slavery and death business.

Oh yes. Sati is known as Spartacus, the current reigning Blood Champion of Nydema. Surya is known as Gannicus, second in acclaim only to his brother. Yeah, this slavery and death business is getting a bit old, if nothing else.


  • Sahura, king of Saqqara, is his father.
  • Inetkaes, princess of Saqqara, is his aunt.
  • Her sons are his cousins.
  • Surya, otherwise the famed Gannicus, is his brother.
  • Surya has a twin somewhere.

May 13, 2019 1:48 am

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